Samantha developed a true passion for hair at a young age. She was always changing her hair, friends hair and being as many of her friends were in bands, she had her fair share of "creative cuts" to perform. Wanting to hone in on her newly found skills, she started cosmetology school her junior year of high school. Upon graduation her senior year, she was already in love with the industry and wanting more. Samantha was taking weekly clients in her "self made" salon out of her basement in Indiana, attending hair shows and assisting at a high end salon. Wanting to refine her talent, she enrolled in Paul Mitchell the school Tinley Park to further her education. While in school, Samantha worked with the Paul Mitchell platform team backstage, was one of four lead stylists at Chicago's fall trend fashion show and with graduation approaching she made plans to pick up and head to California with a thirst for more.

In December 2008, Samantha arrived in California with whatever would fit into her car and more ideas than she had dollars. She started her journey as a Color Specialist and Brand Leader for Paul Mitchell the School Pasadena while freelancing on the side. After three years educating full time, it was time for her to branch out and explore the creativity she had been storing. Samantha then organized, art directed and styled for a number of shoots to bring artists together and show case all talent. She was a stylist on numerous make over episodes on shows like "The Dr.s". With her experience and loyalty in Branding with Paul Mitchell, background in education and experience with the team, she was encouraged to audition to be a National Educator for John Paul Mitchell Systems. After two rounds of auditions in San Diego, Samantha was accepted into the National Educator program in 2012. Since becoming an educator she has worked hair shows, events all across Los Angeles, taught in salon classes and is a writer for the Paul Mitchell blog. In June of 2013 Samantha joined the Salon Mix team in Los Angeles. She fell in love with the constant creativity she can bring to every client as well as the constant change of pace with an extremely packed schedule.

With an overflowing brain full of ideas, she is ready for her next plunge. Her wandering side caught the itch and she is embarking on her next location and phase of career. Stay tuned!!